About Caro

Carolin Windt


Caro was able to gain her first artistic experience in childhood. Born in Hamburg, she grew up in and around Lübeck, a world cultural heritage city in northern Germany. In addition to normal school lessons, she received private art lessons. From 2005 to 2006 she spent a Hish School year in the USA, where she became a member of the National Art Honor Society. In the course of this, small group exhibitions such as the "Edible Art Show" took place, as well as participation in the stage design for the high school musical "Beauty and the Beast". Back in Germany, Caro changed the grammar school in order to follow her inclination, because the art performance course was not offered at her previous school in this year. Here she also took an artistic elective that dealt with the then so-called new media, i.e. image processing and video creation. After graduating from high school, she then studied fashion and textile management in Hamburg, because she decided on the "path of reason" and was afraid of the supposed insecurity of art, with the hope of combining creativity and economic know-how. She learned, among other things, color, shape, typography, layouting, illustration, design, pattern making and sewing. She designed clothing collections and created concepts. These were printed as magazines. At the same time she learned subjects such as business administration, accounting, law and marketing. A six-month internship with the designer duo PERRET SCHAAD in PR and studio organization allowed her to delve deeper into the exciting world of fashion. In the last year of her apprenticeship, she also worked in a large fast fashion company to gain experience here as well. In 2012 she graduated very successfully. But before she went fully into the world of work, she took the time to travel to the Southeast Asian region, the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam were on her travel route. Then she worked in different areas in procurement, the stations were Cologne and Berlin, the fields clothing and food. She work for medium sized and big group companies, as well as in a Start-UP. In the spring of 2018 a life changing event happened. She was run over by a taxi on the way home from work and suffered a long period of illness in which she seriously questioned her previous existence, because the accident had shown her the finiteness of life. Various works were created in this phase. After the recovery, she wanted to go back to her office routine, but the resignation came within a week. Instead of being sad about it, Caro accepted it as a gift, gathered her strength and courage, applied for a visa for India and bought a one-way ticket to Delhi. She set out on a creative and spiritual journey, in search of yoga and the knowledge of perception. She did a yoga teacher training and  a training in ayurvedic yoga massage therapy, she painted two murals (wall paintings) and filled 9 drawing books. Caro has returned to her homeland since September 2019. More pictures have been created and the desire to continue working creatively has become deeper and stronger. In her works she reflects elementary trains of thought, reflections of the outer and inner world.


LOVE MORE comes from the time in the USA, it was created at the diner table in the morning before school, where people were creative, sitting together and philosophized about world views. It means passion, it means taking a step forward, it means looking at everything with love and an open heart. It's in the comparative and integrating it into all aspects of life. At the same time, LOVE MORE can also be translated as MEER LIEBE and thus stands for her love for the sea and the region that she calls home.

Therefore she now uses it to sign every picture. Not just with love, but with LOVE MORE.



10 2021 – 12 2021

Ink Illustration „Channel my Life“ - Berlin


10 2021

Videographische Unterstüzung in Bild und Schnitt von Zoe Agathos Masterarbeit, „Urban Ghosts – revisited“, UDK, Berlin


09 2021

Photographische Begleitung, Abarra, Planet C gamma, Kulturkosmos e.v. Lärz


seit 08 2021

Mitglied GEDOK SH

07 2021 Gruppenausstellung "Meeresbewohner", Timmendorfer Strand


12 2020 - 04 2021 Jahresschau Gemeinschaft Lübecker Künstler, Kunsthalle St. Annen, Lübeck


08 2020

Soloausstellung „Jumping into Utopia“, Essigfabrik, Lübeck


03 2020

Bezug Atelier Essigfabrik, Lübeck


02 2020

Soloausstellung Retrospektive "Oh Deer, Love More, Caro", Essigfabrik, Lübeck


Sommer 2019

Volunteerarbeit Garbicz Festival - Schilderwerkstatt



Reise Indien u. Nepal, zwei Wandmalereien, neun Skizzenbücher (Reisezeichnungen)


03 2018

Unfall, neue Lebensausrichtung auf Kunst und Yoga






Köln und Umgebung


12 2012 – 2 2013

Südostasien Reise, Philippinen, Kambodscha, Vietnam


2009 - 2012

Studium mit Abschluss Mode-und Textilmanagement, JAK, Hamburg

Kollektionskonzept „Urban Souls and City Lights“

+ wissenschaftl. Arbeit „Die Bedeutung von Nachhaltigkeit in der Produktion durch die Einführung eines einheitlichen Siegels und dessen Auswirkung auf das Marktangebot“



Praxissemester PERRET SCHAAD, Showroom-/Studiooragnisation,
Presse-/Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Berlin



Abitur Leistungskurs Kunst, sowie Projektkurs Kunst



Studienreise Provence



Vertretungslehrerin Kunstwerkstatt Ostholstein



High School Jahr USA – Mitglied NAHS(National Art Honor Society),
Teilnahme an Gruppenausstellungen, u.a. „Edible Art Show“, „End of the Year Show“, Musical Stage Crew, Gestaltung des Bühnenbildes



geb. in Hamburg, aufgewachsen in Lübeck und Umgebung, geprägt durch frühen Kunstunterricht in der Kunstwerkstatt Ostholstein. In dieser Zeit erste Gruppenausstellungen.