this is the current working title of my daily ink series

It all started with a the Idea of particcipating in "Inktober". It inspired me and Ive never used much ink in my work before. But it suits well in my current state of mind, as I wanted to create something daily. So it was for me to find a topic. A theme that I can pick up on everyday. And whats more convinient than my everyday life? I love walking. I love these strolls along my neighborrhood. I love obseving scenes. I even love more to bring this to paper. So I did. Currently I like to call it "Channel, my life", as this is a play on words. CHANNEL has in German a double meaning. It means "KANAL" and it can be used for the channels on TV or other media, but it also means the source of Water "Canal" or ""Sewer". But Im also spiritual in a way, so if you want to channel something, you put a focus on it. Thats was my intention for this series. And it all comes together, and works pretty well. 

So, not enough. I decided to post this weekly at first, as a REEL on my Instachannel. And now it became daily post. And why not share all this with you. Let you into my daily life. You can now even get a piece more of it. I rearranged my Webshop and youl find all artworks below. Temporarly limited, for as long as I keep this sketchbook. Once this is full, I will move on to the next. As change is constant and nothing remains after all.

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